• Blind to how we push others away.
  • Blind to what we do not notice about ourselves.
  • Blind to our core beliefs and how they hold us back.
  • Blind to how our need for approval blocks our success.
  • Blind to controlling behavior of others.
  • Blind to what our true motivation plays out in our lives.

"Worry is interest paid on trouble before it falls due" - W.R. Inge

  • Make slight, internal shifts to create change in our thinking.
  • Stop the flow of self-criticism (fear, anxiety, anger).
  • Learn to refine and change beliefs about ourselves.
  • Examine judgements we have of others and ourselves.
  • Become aware and identify our internal conflicts.
  • Minimize negative effects we create in our lives.

Pay attention inward!

  • Start to notice what you won't consider in your life - (where we hide from ourselves).
  • Notice what gets your feelings hurt/insulted/angry by others.
  • Pay close attention to your anxiety signals (usually in your body).
  • Notice what feelings/thought or activities you feel addicted to.
  • Notice when you are looking for "evidence" that others are wrong about you.
  • Become aware of where in your life you create unnecessary drama.

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